FOr all the Family

We are strong advocates of offering Martial Arts for all of the family! At Flo, we actively encourage families to train together and already have a number that do. 

Along with all the modern day distractions, our children can often and all too easily become inactive, spending too much time on computers and mobile phones which in turn leads to weight gain and they can quickly and easily become wrapped in the world of social media! 

What better way than to get some good family time in by training together, learning new skills and having something in common that you can all enjoy? 

Our family classes will be starting on a Saturday and Sunday in the New Year - please keep an eye on our Facebook page for more announcements!

We asked one of our members (a Father who trains with his Son) to give a brief summary of how training together has helped:

"Hayden and I started training together five years ago as he wanted to learn BJJ but had no other kids to train with. We train three times a week and this time together has brought us closer. Often we discuss techniques and issues with training, and now he is a lot bigger we get to practice on a more even playing field.

Hayden has become strong and fit from training and has made some great friends within the club.

For me the training was just for fun but while watching him compete I decided to try a competition too. I enjoyed the test and have found the sport a great way to focus on eating healthily and maintaining my weight.

I find training tough to get to grips with but love that Hayden is picking up so many different techniques and I know it wont be long before he gets the upper hand and gets to 'tap' me out....although I am ensuring it doesn't happen this year at least :-) "

Lee Biggs

As you can see on the right, our kids team are something else and extremely well decorated!

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