The top five reasons our members give for joining Flo Martial Arts are as follows:

  • Keeping fit.
  • Increasing self-confidence.
  • Meeting new people.
  • Participating in combat-sports competitions.
  • Trying something new.

To cater for this, our classes are structured to allow members to train together towards their own individual goals in an ego-free environment. A typical training session will see mums and dads, who train a as fun way to keep active, sharing the mat with fulltime combat athletes honing their skills for competition. They will be working and learning together – all having fun.

Here's how we do it...

Class 101

No matter which martial-arts discipline you choose, your journey will start with one of our introductory "101" crash courses (a 6-week course of 1-3 evening sessions per week). It is only natural to feel a little daunted at first, but the "101" course is specifically designed to ease you into your training gently in a fun and beginner-friendly environment. 

You will sweat, you will laugh and you will learn. 
You will meet our coaches and become familiar with their individual teaching styles. You will learn about training etiquette. You will be taught the fundamental concepts as well as some incredible techniques that will remain relevant throughout your martial-arts journey. You will meet lots of amazing new people, many of whom will likely become life-long friends. You will have a fantastic time.

Class 201

So, you've completed your "101" crash course, and you made new friends. You have met the team. You have grown comfortable in your surroundings. You are hooked on training and you feel great! You are in the Flo Family. What next? The "201" classes.

In the "201" classes, you will break down the techniques and concepts into their component parts to help you understand how and when to apply them effectively. You will feel your martial-arts understanding and skills developing week by week. During these classes, you will challenge yourself physically and mentally, and you will step off the mats at the end with a sense of accomplishment and a huge smile on your face. Honestly, this is good stuff! 

With a truly unlimited supply of teaching material, the 201 classes can never be truly completed. They can take you from learner to black belt or competitor and beyond.  

Class COMPETITOR/TEAM training

Our advanced training classes are for those who able and willing to represent Team Flo in competition or train alongside Team Flo's competitors. These classes are heavily focused on live sparring (often full-contact). With zero exceptions, members can only participate in these classes by invite and must wear the correct kit and protective equipment. It's not just about how good you are, it's about being a good teammate and training partner. We require our team to regularly turn up to classes and to be 'coachable'.

Our Opening Hours

Monday - Friday
09:30 to 14:30
Monday - Friday
16:00 to 21:00
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10:30 to 12:00

Our Address & Contact Details

Unit 9
62 Valley Road Business Park
Plympton, Plymouth