Absolutely incredible gym and facilities second only by the world class coaching! A gym for anyone looking to start a new obsession in their life or for anybody looking to pick up where they left off. 

Very friendly environment with no egos.Cannot recommend enough, #TeamFlo!

Ross Symons

If you've ever fancied trying or looking to get involved in BJJ, MMA, Boxing, Kickboxing or even just general fitness you're not going to find better facilities,coaches or training partners than here at Flo. 
Great classes catering for all ages even those of us starting bjj at 45 yrs young.

Steve Hollister

People train with people. Yes, the venue is absolutely incredible and has to be the leading facility in the South West but when you train at Flo, you really get a sense that it's a giant team.

'Tapout' T-Shirt wearing, "I'm a cagefighter" bro's do not last long here. This place is a no ego's, no BS gym (These guys quite quickly learn to leave that at the door. Usually when a small teenager ties them up without breaking a sweat)

Immaculately clean, plenty of changing and shower facilities, multiple disciplines, skilled staff, chill zone, weight training/cardio zone, cage, mats, ring, padded walls .... What more can you ask for?

Jason Fox

This is without a doubt the best martial arts gym in the South West. The facilities are first rate, with fully sprung grappling mats and striking areas. A cage, a boxing ring plus strength and conditioning. It's an adult play ground. The staff are also amazing, and friendly. It's not a gym for thugs or meatheads, it's a chilled out family environment where anyone (literally anyone) can come and become a serious beast with time and effort. This is coming from a desk jockey who goes toe to toe with marines, security guards and pro cage fighters. It's all down to the coaching ethos and philosophy of the place.

Ed Moorhouse

An Amazing gym and Amazing people. Can't express enough how great this place is. When I first joined I was a bit shy and unsure what it would be like going into a gym full of mixed martial artists. But I couldn't have felt more welcome. Every body from the instructors to the students are all friendly and helpful. It has a very warm atmosphere and just feels like your part of a family. 

Training is second to none and it's really down to you how much you want to train and how quickly you want to improve. It's all there for you. 
My kids now also go and love it just as much as I do. It's great seeing them learn, make new friends and improve their confidence. 
I could go on all day, but whatever your looking for, this place has it. If it's just as simple as improving your fitness or training for competitions or whatever you just need to come here!!

Jamie Campbell

Went to the open weekend, and this place is awesome, everything here was top quality, and although there must of been 70 people on the mats every single person was welcoming and helpful. 
Got a chance to do a seminar with Gunnar Nelson (ufc ww) which was surreal!
Loved it so much 1 day later I've signed up for 12 months straight up with an amazing offer. 
This place is the place to be

Mark Todd

I can't recommend this place enough!
Amazing atmosphere!

Nathan Cambrook

Amazing facility's and amazing coaches, this is the place to be if you are interested in martial arts, a real friendly family feel about the place and so supportative to kids and adults who will travel the country to support and coach at competitions

Wes Innes

World class coaching and a very friendly atmosphere. Any time I'm in Plymouth, I swing by to train at Flo.

Leigh Remedios

Next generation facilities with great coaching, Cant recommend enough!

Sam Hammond

A very welcoming, genuine place to experience high quality coaching, get fitter, meet some people and better your skills through the dedicated team

Laurie Weller

My 2 children have been training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with Kenny and the team for about 2 years now, after them training under other Plymouth gyms I can honestly say moving them to train under Kenny Baker was the best thing I could of done for them, they have gained confidence, fitness and great skill! they love going to train with the team and have made amazing friends.The new gym is nothing short of amazing, best facilities in Plymouth.Great coaching, amazing gym, friendly people.

If you have young children bring them along, buy far the best place for them to train Martial Arts!

Amy Karl

Been training with these guys for a few years now. Best team ever, no egos, no bullies, no wannabe tuff guys. Just a great training attitude with great coaches in a safe clean environment. And this new gym is just the icing on the cake. Get involved

Damian Benwell

Words can not do this gym justice. The old adage 'seeing is believing' rings true. The best setup I have seen in the UK by a country mile. Made even more spectacular by the quality of the instructors and the dedication of the staff. Friendly atmosphere that makes new members more than welcome. If you are on the fence deciding wether to take the plunge into training, then get yourself along you will not regret it.

Wayne Pearey

The best place, the best instruction, the best people you will ever meet. Best thing I ever done.

Mark Davis

What a great place with all the latest gear and brand new mma cage and boxing floor! And a great sprung training floor

Gary Evans

Hands down the best gym in Plymouth, awesome atmosphere with a great vibe for learning.

Bri Texugo Reid

I will recommend this place! Lovely guy with a lot of passion and dedication in what he does and very respectful, Go check it out

Ritalove Latimer

Very welcoming and friendly gym, excellent team mates and top level coaching, highly recommend

Luke Dalmedo

I've trained with Kenny for 7 years now. His coaching skills are second to none. The set up at Flo promises to be amazing. Good, friendly coaching. Staff that are helpful. An mma gym that is open to someone who is curious about the sport but nervous about making that first move. Or an experienced person looking for a positive change.

Gary Cawse

A friendly professional bunch of guys. Amazing fundamentals with one the best bjj black belt in the uk

Matthew Quick

These are people who care about you as an individual. You will be treated as a person with unique goals & needs, not a faceless statistic, and given the right help for you. Honest, passionate, and friendly. Very welcoming team-mates. Perfect environment for newbies to martial arts. Get fit and learn much more besides

Duncan Williams

If your from the Plymouth area or just visiting, this is a must visit place for any jiu-jitsu practitioner. World class coaching, fantastic atmosphere and the new facilities look awesome.. I can't wait till my next trip down to the coast... OSS

Matheus Paixao

One of the best teams I've ever trained with and have the pleasure of calling my family.
Great facility, world class instruction, and a very welcoming atmosphere.
It's training with your friends and family - you'll learn a hell of a lot, understand concepts quickly, and at times, laugh a lot during class.

Adil Amarsi

Just the perfect place for myself and my children to train. Having young children, it's very important for me that I can find a place where my children learn, improve and be safe. Thank you to all the staff for the excellent work and support that myself and my children are getting. Keep up all the good work. Proud to be part.

AJ Ramos

One of the best things I did was join this team/family and these new facilities are going to be second to none. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn from true professionals. ( can I just say as well as a girl it's hard to find a place that makes you feel comfortable from day one and I can honestly I've felt nothing but comfortable and part of the team )

Claire Louise Mcglade

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